References:  Silviu B. Moldovan
           If in the `70 -` 80 years, often, representatives of Romanian culture (including     anticommunists), like "friend from Warsaw" for later, declared themselves     disappointed by reducing the book from being a commodity in Western stores,
    today we are dealing in Romania, with an even more unfortunate phenomenon,     namely excessive merchantability editorial production.
           In this context, the benefit publisher Mica Valahie from Bucharest seems to me     one very remarkable (but not singular in Romanian publishing landscape). Love     for book culture, history especially with the professionalism and thoroughness     editorial contribute decisively to preserve a line dress editorial.
           Mica Valahie Publisher is one of the places where you know that you can always     find new work value and equally, you can have cultural discussions, uncorrupted
    by the prevailing mercantile spirit of the time. It is therefore not surprising that     prestigious authors appreciate the constant collaboration publishers and the     people who created it.

                                                                                       Silviu B. Moldovan - Ph.D. in History
                                                                                 Head of Research, Publishing - CNSAS
                                                             (National Council for the Study of Security Archives)

Essence of the book

With each book Published by Mica Valahie, we want to fix in people's consciousness and spirituality items that give strength and continuity, to us, as a nation.