References:  Prof. univ. dr. Gh. Buzatu
           Undersigned let me appreciate very much work in recent years by Publishing     MICA VALAHIE Bucharest (Director: Ms. Mariana HEROIU). How is natural, the     most thorough evaluation criterion lies in the consistency of Publishing for     adoption and adherence to a cultural program at the national level, concern for     printing books undeniable classic, the promotion of classical printing important     contributions of science and culture. In this regard, special attention must be     assessed to promote greater authors and titles, particularly illustrating the reigns     of literature, history and sociology, which makes publishing really enjoy a greater     appreciation among readers. It is sufficient in this regard to note that, under     Publishing, circulations were recovered in appropriate circumstances and in     excellent graphic Eminescu, Mircea Eliade, N. Iorga, Titulescu etc.. There have     been neglected memoirs covering twentieth century history, as no document     collections of modern and contemporary era (1864-2004 parliamentary discourse,     Nae Ionescu and Mircea Eliade " in the archives of the Security ", etc.)... Among     contemporary specialists, took care of turning publishing works of teachers Ilie     Badescu, Ioan Scurtu, I. Calafeteanu etc. As for me, is pleased to reveal that I had     the fortunate opportunity to work great with publishing "Little Walachia" succeeded     so far to offer A History of Romanian Oil (2 volumes, 2004-2006), A universal history     of the period 1919-1939, several volumes of documents and, quite recently,     Romania in the equation of peace and war in its last century.
           To summarize, it should be noted these two key elements: Publishing "Mica     Valahie" has already managed to represent the landscape of contemporary     columnist, a "distinct voice" to represent or to cover an "own way", and secondly,     capacity as employees gathered and sent to market securities, to confuse,     undeniable, with diversity, rationality and originality.
           Are serious reasons and criteria of assessment, as recommended publishing     "Mica Valahie" among publishing houses and pretender to the ground separate     from the grant / recognition rules CNCSIS) for the next period of operation.

                                                                                                     Prof. Univ. Dr. Gh. Buzatu,
                                                     SCP I History Center Branch of the Romanian Academy,
                              Member Correspondent of the Academy of Scientists from Romania

Essence of the book

With each book Published by Mica Valahie, we want to fix in people's consciousness and spirituality items that give strength and continuity, to us, as a nation.