References:  Acad. Dan Berindei
           In Romania there are a large number of publishers, but analyzing them, many
    of them correspond to real social and cultural functions. A publisher should not only
    be a source of financial income, but also make a contribution to society. Ed "Mica
    Valahie" I think this test well completed in its decade of existence.
           The profile of “Mica Valahie” Publisher is given by history and sociology, and
    has a representative activity in these areas. Many of its editorial achievements are
    important works that positively enrich the literature in this area. I appreciate the fact
    that the publisher did not follow a thematic line "secluded", on the contrary, it is a
    land of free debate, the authors show their options and are not subject to
    "ideological lines". However, the publications of “Mica Valahie” Publisher are of a
    higher level, providing a rich information and a trial based on science rather than
    improvisation. It is apreciate the artistic and technical level of the books.
           In conclusion, the "Mica Valahie" publisher, with a rich practice and activity,
    with relevant standards for CNCSIS and is due in the next period of operation, all
    appreciation and recognition of its positive activity, as are an outstanding and
    serious editorial domain.

                                                                                                     Acad. Dan Berindei,
                                                                    Vice President of the Romanian Academy,
                        Chairman of the Department of History of the Romanian Academy

Essence of the book

With each book Published by Mica Valahie, we want to fix in people's consciousness and spirituality items that give strength and continuity, to us, as a nation.