References:  Prof. univ. dr. Ilie BADESCU
                                     Mica Valahie - a publisher of high attitude !

           Publisher Mica Valahie is one of the publishers of the most representative for     a category of books and authors of unquestionable relevance in several areas of     society sciences: sociology, history, geoistorie, geopolitics, etc... Publishing has     published books signed by Ioan Scurtu, Gh. Buzatu, Ilie Badescu, Oscar Hoffman     Gheorghe Sisestean treated, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, which reflects     management ability of its director, his team work force, economic capacity, ie all     those traits that confer a competitive worth publishing. Some published works such     as "Dictionary of rural sociology", over 500 pages, or "Treaty of Rural Sociology",     600 pages, are authors of works which groups all major academic centers in the     country: Cluj, Bucharest, Oradea, Timisoara, Brasov, Iasi, Craiova. Publishing is     dedicated behold, the representative areas, the magnitude of area authors and     academic authors recruitment. Although no major economic force publishing     houses, Ed Mica Valahie manages to justify as a publisher of high representative     and high coverage. It is not necessarily legitimize its economic power, but primarily     by quality authors, the value of books published by the persistence of the book     market of historical sciences, sociology and political science, unlike other     publishers who fail to pass the threshold efemeridelor. Publisher Mica Valahie     Romanian scientific book manages to edit over 15 years. Verdict that fits under the     Charter that legitimizes, the energy manager and his team. We recommend that     the publisher should be classified as certificates CNCSIS publishers.

                                                                                                     Prof. univ. dr. Ilie BADESCU

Essence of the book

With each book Published by Mica Valahie, we want to fix in people's consciousness and spirituality items that give strength and continuity, to us, as a nation.